We provide end-to-end services for solving business problems using next generation technology.

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Our services

We can help you transform your business processes and digitize them to maximize efficiency and minimize cost.

UI/UX design

Prototype your ideas using latest techniques and tools. We make sure your systems have a great user experience and look beautiful before implementing the system.

Web, Mobile, and Desktop Apps

We create secure, reliable, and beautiful web apps and web sites to solve your needs. We can run the apps on whatever infrastructure you prefer.


We provide consultancy to help you get better results with lower costs. We can gather your requirements and help you make the right decision.

AI and Data Science

We can enhance your processes by integrating Artificial Intelligence with your systems.

Our products

These are the products we are working on:


An optical character recognition service for Kurdish, Arabic, Persian, English, and French.



An education platform that helps students better understand schoolwork and achieve better results.


Akeed Express

A logistics application developed based on clients needs where users can purchase from various global websites.

Android IOS


Acts as an archive for most populer kurdish names with their meanings. users can add,rate names


GYM Plus

An end-to-end system for managing GYMs and fitness centers.


A kurdish blog for high quality technical content


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We can help you successfuly complete it.